Xiaomi to possibly announce new Android TV device at Google I/O 2016


With Google I/O 2016 starting tomorrow, we are starting to hear rumors and ramblings of what will be announced and showcased at the developer conference. The latest gossip comes directly from Hugo Barra, a former Google executive and current Vice President of Xiaomi Global, who posted on Twitter today that Xiaomi will be a part of #io16.

Below is Barra’s tweet:

As seen in the image attached to Barra’s tweet, the “I” and “O” are spelt out with images that resemble the controls found on an Android TV remote control. As there are eight sessions currently scheduled that involve TV and the living room, we could be hearing about an update to the Android TV platform at tomorrow’s keynote.

What does Xiaomi’s involvement with Android TV at Google I/O 2016 mean? As Xiaomi is one of the world’s largest smartphone manufacturers, this could mean that the company is planning to announce or even release an Android TV device during the conference. New Nexus TV possibly?

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