May 16th, 2016

Oppo has released some decent phones over the past few years, but the company’s main achievement has been pushing the boundaries with its VOOC rapid-charging technology. The current generation of Oppo’s VOOC rapid-charging technology manages to charge a 2,800 mAh battery to 75% in roughly 30 minutes (on par with Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0), but the rumored Oppo Find 9 could charge even faster.

According to the latest report, the Oppo Find 9’s VOOC rapid-charging tech will allow the phone to charge 100% in a mere 15 minutes. We’re not sure what black magic Oppo is working with here, but it looks like Qualcomm may have to kick things into overdrive if it wants to stay at the top of its game. At this point, the Oppo Find 9’s quick charging capability is no more than a rumor. Oppo is currently not licensing its VOOC rapid-charging technology to other manufacturers, but that could change if the rumor turns out to be true when the phone in unveiled in June. 

We’d all like to have a phone with a battery that could guarantee 12 hours of screen-on time, but advances in charging technologies appear to be having a much more immediate impact on how we use our smartphones. Do you think we’ll ever get to the point where you will no longer need to worry about your phone’s battery life?

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