Google announces winners of Android Experiments Challenge with winners getting a free trip to I/O 2016


Back in March, Google announced its Android Experiments challenge, an initiative that called on developers to create something unique based on the Android platform. The winners have been announced, and these lucky developers get a free trip to Google I/O 2016.

Autonomous Android Vehicle

The objective was to create a robot that can recognize, track, and follow a specified color object as well as have the ability to avoid obstacles in its way.

The Nexus 5x device connects to the IOIO board via Bluetooth and uses the device’s camera to control the vehicle.


HungerMoji is a unique Android game that takes place within the system notification drawer.

Players must feed their emoji which resides in a notification by dismissing any offending notifications, and collecting any bonus point notifications.

Download on Google Play: HungerMoji – Notification Game

3D Controller

This Android Experiment turns your phone into a 3D controller. It detects the device’s orientation in 3D space (where it’s pointing and how it’s rotated) and makes that information accessible through a simple API.

In this app you will find 3 demos that utilize this API. The first applies your device’s orientation to a 3D model. The second shows the wide range of orientations the API can detect and the third turns your device into a laser pointer simulator.

Download on Google Play: 3D Controller

In addition to the three grand prize winners, there were five additional winners that will be receiving 64GB Nexus 6P devices, which is a pretty awesome consolation prize.

Congratulations to all the winners, and we’ll have to see how the grand prize winners creations are put on display at Google I/O 2016. In the meantime, check out all of the winning experiments and drop us a line with which one is your favorite.

[via Android Experiments]



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