Acer and Starbreeze team up to bring everyone the StarVR headset



Acer is getting into the Virtual Reality headset game in addition to already providing great VR-capable desktops. Acer announced a partnership with Starbreeze, a game development studio, to bring everyone the StarVR.

This headset features two 5.5-inch Quad HD screens, a 210-degree field of view, and unique position tracking with IMU and Optical sensor fusion for a low-latency experience.

The StarVR was originally showcased at E3 in 2015, but has yet to come to the market for everyone to get their hands on.

It seems the company had hit a snag in production, but Acer saw enough promise to not only get the StarVR finished, but to be in on the ground floor of a fast-growing platform.

We still don’t have any pricing or availability for the StarVR, but that will more than likely be in the cards down the road. If you want to check out the StarVR in action, hit the link here so you can see where Starbreeze will be displaying the headset.

[StarVR via BusinessWire]


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