Verizon’s new update for the Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge introduces plethora of fixes, sneakily installs DT Ignite


Verizon has begun rolling out software updates for both the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Thought to be a regular ‘ol maintenance updates (along with the most recent Android security patches), it seems something else may have slipped in as well. But before we get into that, let’s look at what’s new:

  • Added a SIM/SD Card pop-up reminder to close the tray if it’s left open.
  • It’s easier to check individual app performance and memory usage in the Application Manager.
  • Easier instructions on how to turn and turn off the Always on Display feature, which dims display brightness for better nighttime use.
  • When traveling outside your default time zone, the dual clock displays the current time under “Roaming.”
  • You can now learn more about Enhanced features, voice commands with S Voice, new Themes and how to use the Edge screen, in Help > New features.
  • The Calendar Edge panel now provides a quick glance of upcoming events and location information.
  • Helpful hints in the Smart Switch Mobile app
  • You’ll get on screen messages during video calls when moving from Wi-Fi to cellular
  • More consistent and stable connection to Network Extenders
  • Fixed Outlook Email sync when the device is in Power Saving mode
  • Fixed multiple pop-ups in Milk Music
  • Eliminated multiple SD Card pop-up notifications

DT Ignite app Galaxy S7 Edge

These are all helpful changes for sure, but some users are up in arms after discovering the sneaky addition of DT Ignite creeping its way into the update, something you wont find in Verizon’s changelog. The war against DT Ignite started years ago, after it was discovered that carriers like Verizon were using the system app/service as a way to sneakily install (and reinstall) apps on our Android phones without the user’s consent.

Thankfully, disabling DT Ignite is as easy as disabling it from inside the App Manager inside the Settings app on either phone. If you’re having trouble finding it, make sure you click select “Show system apps” since this isn’t a user downloaded app. After that, everything will be just as it was before. No harm, no foul?

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