Hangouts adds hidden Easter Egg to show Mom some extra love this Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is coming up this Sunday and what better way to show your Mom some love than with some cute Easter Eggs hidden within Hangouts. Google is known for throwing little Easter Eggs like these into Hangouts and has done so for events such as New Years, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

The animations that have popped up when sending “Happy Mother’s Day” are:

  • A pot of flowers with a heart
  • Arm with a Mom tattoo
  • Hugging Koalas

The animations can be finicky. I, personally, have tried texting my Mom using Hangouts but nothing came up, then tried sending a regular Hangouts message and still nothing. It was only once I stopped merging SMS with Hangouts that it finally worked. Regardless, you should still give it a shot, even if it’s a few days early, just to let Mom know you’re thinking about her.

Oh, and unless you enjoy driving your Mother nuts, ease up on the message spam in order to get the animations to pop up. She might just laugh at you and wonder if you’re crazy.

Download on Google Play: Hangouts


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