Battleborn Tap now available for Android, gameplay is nothing like its console/PC counterpart


Today, Battleborn officially became available worldwide for consoles and PC. Created by Gearbox Software (the same guys who brought you Borderlands), the game is part first-person shooter, part MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) and is filled the brim with characters each featuring different play styles. I’ve been hyped to play this game for awhile now and if you’re anything like me, you might be inclined to know its Android counterpart — Battleborn Tap — also hit the Google Play Store today.

Battleborn Tap

As the name suggests, Battleborn Tap features cookie-clicker gameplay that, needless to say, is nothing even close to its console/PC counterpart. Players merely tap the screens of their phone to shoot baddies that appear, using points to buy and unlock new Battleborn to help join you in battle. There’s no strategy, no aiming, nothing you have to time, nothing to even worry about — just finger blast your smartphone’s display as fast as you can to clear out wave, after wave of enemies. Protip: Use 4 fingers to really give you an edge.

If you want to build up your characters, you’ll have to put in work. 2K Games promises that some of the rewards you gain in Battleborn Tap will carry over to the full game and by linking your SHiFT account to the app, you’ll unlock the Gold Orendi skin. That part is great because, quite frankly, the game isn’t much fun. Just make sure you plug into into a charger as all that fingering will make your processor scream. Download link provided below.

Download on Google Play: Battleborn Tap

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