Atari founder teams up with Spil Games to launch new mobile titles for Android and iOS


I’m not the oldest guy around here, but I still remember the days of playing Pong and Breakout on my parents’ old Atari console. So when I heard that the godfather of video games, Nolan Bushnell, was teaming up with Spil Games to release new mobile games, I was ecstatic.

Bushnell and Spil Games have announced their partnership to bring new games to various mobile platforms. Details of what the games will be, or the release dates wasn’t provided, but that will come in due time. The two parties did state that there would be at least 3 games created with the first title scheduled to launch in early 2017.

For those that haven’t heard of Spil Games, you can check out their full game portfolio on the Google Play Store to see what the game studio has already released. We’re looking at almost 50 games published, all with ratings between 3 and 5 stars.

It will be interesting to see what comes out of this partnership and as someone who loves gaming, I’m hoping to see a smash-hit or two from the man behind Atari.

[via Gamasutra]


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