Triby is a magnetic Bluetooth speaker for your kitchen with Amazon Alexa built in


Last year, Amazon set up a fund to help developers integrate Alexa into their devices. The goal was to create an ecosystem of devices around Amazon’s voice assistant. We’re finally seeing the first device to come from this fund. Triby is a portable Bluetooth speaker that can magnetically attach to your refrigerator or be taken anywhere in your house.

Triby looks like a speaker you might find in a kids playroom, but it’s actually pretty powerful. On the front is an e-ink display flanked by buttons for making calls and listening to music. The display is used to show information such as time and weather, but it can also transmit messages from users. A cute flag pops out of the side when a message has been received by Triby.


The main event here is the Alexa integration. Just like the Amazon Echo, you can speak to Alexa from anywhere in your house. Everything that you can do with Alexa on the Echo is supported on the Triby. For $200 ($170 at the time of writing this) you get a few things that the Echo doesn’t have: portability and a display. Triby could be the perfect kitchen hub.

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