Chrome Beta is the next build to lose the ability to merge tabs and apps


At the beginning of the month, Google started making some changes to the Chrome app for Android, with the most notable changing being the removal of the ability to merge tabs and apps from the Chrome Dev build. The change was met with a good bit of criticism, but it seems Google won’t waver on their decision as the feature has also been removed from the latest build of Chrome Beta on the Play Store.


Previously, when users had installed Chrome, whether it was the Beta or Dev variant, the option was applied automatically, requiring users to head to the settings if they didn’t want to use that feature. Now, there isn’t even an option to re-enable for those who do use and enjoy the feature.

The last of Google’s Chrome apps to feature the ability to merge apps and tabs is the basic version of Chrome, where you are given a friendly reminder about the feature. It’s important to remember that changes in pre-release builds are never guaranteed to make it to the stable version, but with the change persisting from alpha to beta things are starting to look that way.

One argument could be made that instead of removing the feature altogether Google could give you a choice with a settings toggle. Choice is always the most ideal route, but it’s Google’s app so we suppose they’ll do things as they see fit. Drop us a line below and let us know whether this is a feature that you use, or if you’re ready to say “good riddance” to this feature.

Download on Google Play: Chrome Beta


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