Samsung Otto is a personal robot prototype, a mix between the Amazon Echo and EVE from WALL-E


Samsung’s developer conference — SDC 2016 — is in full effect and the company is showing off tons of new tech, one of which is a personal assistant robot called Otto. Built on Samsung’s ARTIK IoT (Internet of Things) platform, Otto is similar to devices like the Amazon Echo, only it takes things to a new level with an HD camera that can be used for facial recognition or a security camera.

Unlike the lifeless Echo, Otto oozes personality, utilizing a small built-in screen that displays animated eyes to help bring the robot to life. The face can also show animations for things like weather and Otto can even sing and dance when the mood strikes her. Think EVE from Disney’s WALL-E and you’re on the right track.

But don’t run and grab your wallets just yet. Otta is just a prototype meant to showcase the power of Samsung’s ARTIK Cloud, something developers can already get started on developing to help build smart devices like, you guessed it, Otto. Endgadget’s Nicole Lee uploaded a quick video to Instagram showing off the cute little robot. Check it out below.

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[via Engadget]

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