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The design of the LG G5 is loved by some and hated by others, but we still think it’s worth protecting. A case is an easy way to get some extra protection and add a personal touch. There are many different types of cases available for the G5. Everything from super thin, bulky, leather, wallets, and more. Some cases even allow you to slide out the battery. Here are the best cases for you LG G5.

Rugged Cases

Otterbox Defender

otterbox lg g5

If you need a case that can take a beating, it doesn’t get much better than the infamous Otterbox Defender. This case offers triple-layer protection from drops and shock, dust protection, and screen protection. It adds a lot of extra bulk to the G5, but that’s the price you pay for near invincibility. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Tough Armor

spigen tough armor g5

The SPigen Tough Armor utilizes dual layers to create an “aircushion” for the G5. The inside is made from impact-absorbing TPU while the exterior is a hard scratch resistant polycarbonate. An added bonus is a convenient kickstand on the back. [Buy from Amazon]

Supcase Unicorn Beetle

unicron beetle g5

The Unicorn Beetle has a funny name, but the protection is no joke. This is another case that use dual layers for rugged protection. Soft plastic on the inside and hard plastic on the outside. The Unicron Beetle has covers to protect all the ports from dust and debris. You can also attach a holster. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Crystal Bumper

g5 crystal bumper

The Crystal Bumper case gets its name from the two-part design. It’s a combination of a soft TPU case and a hard polycarbonate bumper. The two materials work together to provide impact resistance and a bit of style. This case is on the thinner side of “rugged cases,” but it gets the job done. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS High Pro Shield

g5 high pro

The High Pro Shield is a combination of pieces and textures. The bumper, which is separate from the case, is a hard, glossy, metallic plastic. The rest of the case is a soft flexible TPU with a two-tone design on the back. You get the look of brushed aluminum with the feel of TPU. [Buy from Amazon]

Slim Cases

Caseology Wavelength

wavelength g5

The Wavelength is a two-part case that still manages to be slim. Around the edges is a polycarbonate bumper with a metallic finish. The rest of the case is made from flexible TPU. The “Wavelength” name comes from the grippy texture on the back. This case comes in a variety of color. [Buy from MobileFun]

Olixar Ultra-Thin

ulta thin g5

If you’re looking for a thin case that lets the beauty of the LG G5 shine through, it doesn’t get much better than the Olixar Ultra-Thin. You’ll barely notice this case is on your phone. It’s clear and ridiculously thin. It’s perfect if you just want a little something to protect against dings and scratches. [Buy from MobileFun]

Patchworks Flexgaurd

flexguard g5

The Patchworks Flexguard case for theG5 offers all round protection against knocks and drops. It adds a couple of different textures to the device. The back is covered in a dimple pattern while the edges have a leather texture. Fake screws on the back add an industrial look as well. [Buy from MobileFun]

Spigen Style Armor


The Spigen Style Armor is one of the few cases that actually supports LG’s modular design. The bottom of the case can slide out without being removed. This also creates a cool two-tone design. The case is a hard polycarbonate that snaps on and doesn’t add a lot of extra bulk. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Shine Guard

g5 shine guard

The Shine Gaurd is one of the most interesting-looking cases. It looks like a two-part case, but it’s actually just one. The back is clear TPU with a geometric pattern. You can feel the ridges and different textures of the shapes. The edges are a slightly softer plastic. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Single Fit

g5 single fit

The Single Fit case is made from matte TPU plastic. It’s flexible without having that super grippy rubber texture that attracts dust and pocket lint. If you’ve ever used a phone with a “soft-grip” texture, you’ll love the feel of this case. The edges have a glossier texture with faux antenna lines. [Buy from Amazon]

Wallet Cases

i-Blason Wallet Stand

iblason wallet g5

As the name implies, this is a wallet case that doubles as a kickstand. Fold it open and you can carry three cards and some cash. Fold it back and you can prop it up and watch videos. The inside of the case is made from a soft microfiber that won’t scratch and the outside is premium leather. [Buy from Amazon]

Spigen Wallet S

The Wallet S can hold 3 cards and a wad of cash. It’s made from synthetic leather wrapped around a polycarbonate case. This case can also be used to prop up the G5 for viewing videos. A magnetic clasp keeps the cover closed. [Buy from Amazon]

Topsky Premium Leather

topsky wallet g5

The Topsky wallet case is a refreshing take on traditional wallet cases. Instead of the boring leather design you usually see, this case uses leather and a complimentary grey fabric. The two-tone look is very attractive. It has a window slot for an ID, and can hold cards and cash. [Buy from Amazon]

VRS Layered Dandy

vrs wallet g5

The Layered Dandy case combines multiple colors of leather for a “layered” look. It comes in black with red trim, brown with tan trim, or red with black trim. The inside can carry up to three cards and some cash. A magnetic clasp keeps the flap from opening. [Buy from Amazon]

Find more at Android Forums!

These are just a few of our favorite cases, but there are many more to choose from. A great place to find more suggestions is the LG G5 forums at A bunch of G5 owners have been sharing their favorite cases in this thread. Check it out for more ideas. Once you’ve selected a case for yourself, be sure to share your review!

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