Crossy Road gets online multiplayer in latest update


Crossy Road is one of our favorite games and today it just got even better. If you’ve never played Crossy Road, think of it like infinite Frogger. The goal is to cross roads, train tracks, rivers, and more without dying. It has cute 8-bit characters and a great design. An update is rolling out now that allows you to play with people over the internet.


The update allows people to play together over WiFi. Up to four players can join a lobby and play together. The goal of the game is the same, but now you’re competing against friends to see who can last the longest. A new twist is the ability to revive your fallen comrades and work together to reach the top of the worldwide leaderboard. So you can play against your friends or work together. The choice is yours.

Grab Crossy Road for free in the Play Store now. You won’t regret it.

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