Ordering pizza too complicated? Domino’s Zero Click app orders pizza simply by opening it


Dominos Zero Click app Android

Domino’s may struggle with making great pizza (it’s not bad, but definitely more in the acceptable range), but hot damn, you’d be hard pressed to find another pizza chain more eager to take your money. Everyone knows the hardest part about choosing pizza for lunch/dinner/breakfast? is deciding whether or not you want to hassle with the ordering process. Domino’s knows this and it’s why they’re constantly inventing new, easier ways for you to order one of their pizzas. Whether it’s text message, a tweet, Amazon Echo, Ford Sync, smart TV, or smartwatch — Domino’s has all their bases covered. Well, most of them.

Today, Domino’s is hatching yet another scheme to make ordering easier than ever. It’s a new app called Zero Clicks and it’s a separate from the regular Domino’s app you might already be used to in that you don’t actually need to click anything after opening the app to order a pizza. The app orders a pizza simply by opening it. That’s it. Just open the app, wait 10 seconds, and a pipping hot pizza will be to your door in no time flat. Here’s a video showing how dead simple it is.

Okay, so technically it’s 1 click, but how else would Domino’s know you wanted pizza? Don’t forget that you’ll first need to create a “Pizza Profile,” adding your favorite pie to Domino’s Easy Order system for easy, zero-click ordering. After that, just download the app, sign in, Domino’s will find you no matter where you are to make sure your stomach is full (and wallet empty). You can find the app below for all those interested. Don’t worry, we won’t judge.

Download on Google Play: Domino’s Zero Click

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