Shield your Galaxy S7 with the Olixar Shield [VIDEO]


The Olixar Sheild for the Samsung Galaxy S7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is an aptly named case. Shielding is exactly what it does. Like many of Olixar’s cases, the Shield utilizes dual layers of protection. The outer layer is a hard faux-metal plastic while the inner layer is a soft TPU material. You can remove the outer layer and use the thin inner layer as your case if you want.

shield galaxy s7

The hard plastic outer shell doesn’t cover the entire back. All four corners and the top and bottom edges are protected by the softer plastic. The softer plastic is also what creates a lip around the front so you can lay it down on a flat surface and not worry about scratching the display. The hard shell is smooth with a few angular ridges, but cut-outs along the left and right sides allow the TPU to come through and add grip.

This is one of the thicker cases we’ve tested for the Galaxy S7. The benefit of this case is the protection you’ll get. All sides of you phone are covered, including the volume and power buttons. The corners are padded with the TPU material, and the same material provides shock absorption with the inner layer. This case doesn’t look half bad either. You can get it in gold or dark gray.

Olixar Shield (Galaxy S7 | Galaxy S7 Edge)

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