Looks like T-Mobile’s LG G5 has a Nexus-like unlockable bootloader, custom ROM development likely to follow


Custom ROM fans feared the worst after finding the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820 variants) in the US were locked down tight, killing any hopes of 3rd party ROM development. It seems the LG G5 is a completely different affair — well, the T-Mobile version anyway — featuring an unlockable bootloader so easy, it’s being described as Nexus-like.

LG G5 bootloader unlock

The folks at XDA-Developers have brought this to light and while this probably wont interest the everyday man, Android enthusiasts looking for the next best phone to run AOSP builds like CyanogenMod now have a phone they can turn to. Of course, this only the first step. LG G5 owners looking to root and flash custom ROMs will first need to wait for TWRP recovery to be release for the device.

If you like tinkering with the software on your phone, the LG G could be for you.

Thanks, Rene!

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