Mar 30th, 2016

The latest system app to be brought to the Play Store is the Calculator. Every manufacturer has their own slightly unique Calculator app, but now everyone can use the official Google version. The important thing is Google can now update the Calculator more easily. We’re not sure why the Calculator app would ever need an emergency update, but hey, it’s possible now.

google calculator watch

There’s one big new feature in this version: Android Wear support. That’s right, you can now use an official calculator on your wrist. There was a time when Google was against watch apps like calculators, but apparently they have changed their minds. Back in 2014, I wrote an editorial about this very subject. In a video titled Designing for Android Wear, a Google designer said “inputs requiring fine-grained motor skills are avoided.” A Calculator on 1.5-inch display requires “fine-grained motor skills.”

A lot can change in two years. You can now use your Android Wear watch to make calls, and Google Now cards are all bundled together. The original idea of Android Wear being for notifications and voice actions has evolved into something much more powerful. As the specs improve for these small devices we can expect the features to improve as well. What do you think about a Calculator on your watch?

DOWNLOAD: Calculator

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