T-Mobile planning to launch new voice-less plans starting at $20 for 2GB of data and unlimited SMS


It’s not well-advertised on their site, but T-Mobile offers a super low $30 plan that comes with 5GB of data, 100 minutes, and unlimited SMS. It’s a great option for those that rarely — if ever — use minutes on their device, opting instead for services like Hangouts or just about any other popular messaging app for most of their voice calling needs.

Today, a new leak uncovered by the folks at TmoNews is showing the introduction of few more bare bones plans and it could be a great fit for those looking to further cut down their monthly service bill. As part of T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans, the Un-carrier will soon allow customers to sacrifice all their minutes in favor of a range of data-only plans starting at $20 for 2GB. Here’s what we’re looking at:

  • 2GB for $20/month
  • 6GB for $35/month
  • 10GB for $50/month
  • 18GB for $80/month
  • 22GB for $95/month

According to the leaked doc, the above plans are also said to include unlimited SMS — which, when coupled with services like Binge On — could make a great fit for teens who need to stay connected. In either case, the plans are supposed to launch on March 30th, so we expect T-Mobile to make something more official in the coming days.

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