The LG G5 Lite passes through TENAA certifications


Although the LG G5 hasn’t been released to the masses just yet, it seems that another variant is almost ready to be released as well. Awhile back, it was announced that Latin America would be receiving a different version of the G5, one that is better suited for the network as well as to save on cost. It seems that China will be getting the same version as well.

LG G5 Lite

The LGH848 passed through TENAA, a Chinese certification center, and gave us a better look at a device being dubbed the LG G5 Lite. Compared to the “regular” G5, the G5 Lite has a Snapdragon 652 processor, compared to the Snapdragon 820, and the RAM has been cut down to 3 GB, compared to the 4 GB found in the G5. Finally, the other big change can be found with the GPU with the G5 Lite featuring the Adreno 510 instead of the Adreno 530.

The rest of the specs will remain the same between the LG G5 and the LG G5 Lite. Meaning the G5 Lite will have a modular design, 32GB of storage, the dual 16MP/8MP rear-camera setup, and will run Android 6.0 Marshmallow. No details have been released regarding when this device will come to China.

[via GSMArena]


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