Google Play offering either 75% or 50% off any movie rental, here’s how you redeem it


We’ve already got plans to watch the new Batman vs Superman movie (fun fact: I was actually an extra in the movie), but that’s not for at least another day or so. If you’re in the mood to watch a flick right now, Google Play’s got you covered.

It seems Google is throwing another one of their promos where they’re offering either 75% or 50%-off any single movie rental (US, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, and Great Britain only). It’s a little confusing, but there’s a chance you might have redeemed 1 or both of these offers already (you may remember their holiday promo a few months back). If the 75%-off offer doesn’t work, you can always shoot for 50%-off, which was the only one that worked for us.

Google Play 50% off any movie rental promo

The only way to know if the discount will be applied at checkout — like Google says — is to look for the offer before you purchase the rental (see the screen above). Click the $3.99 rent button on the main listing and if you see a popup (pictured above) saying “You can apply your rental reward at checkout,” then you’re good. If it doesn’t — back out or risk paying full price.

Google Play says the 75%-off deal is only good until April 28th, while the 50%-off promo goes until the 29th. Most HD rentals are $5, while SD is $4 so you’re only looking at a few bucks after the discount. Enjoy!

Google Play: 75% off any movie rental | 50% off any movie rental

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