Pick up an LG G4 for just $290, comes with 2 leather battery covers and free shipping


LG G4 ebay deal

Whether you’re looking to upgrade or replace a previous Android device, eBay has a great deal on the LG G4. Right now you can find the unlocked 32GB model for just $290 and it even comes with 2 leather battery covers to swap out on the fly. With free shipping out of the US, you could certainly do a lot worse.

It may not come with a fingerprint scanner, but the LG G4 is still one helluva Android device. It’s one of the few high end devices from last year that not only features a micro SD card slot, but removable battery as well. Pick up an optional charging cradle and you’ll likely never plug a micro USB into this phone ever again, swapping out batteries on the fly when one runs low.

The only issue we had with ours back in the day was a sometimes unresponsive display (for whatever reason it didn’t always register all our finger taps and swipes), but apparently LG pushed out an update not too long ago to address this. Hit up the link down below to check out the deal on eBay for yourself. The seller has a 98.8% feedback rating, so you shouldn’t have any trouble there.

Buy on eBay: Unlocked LG G4 (32GB)

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