Michael Kors unveils new Android Wear line, Casio’s $500 smartwatch gets March 25th release date



Android Wear is gearing up to move into the super high-end (well, prices anyway), with new wearables arriving soon from both Casio and Michael Kors. Casio’s smartwatch we saw back during this year’s CES, but are only now learning of its availability. Turns out the Casio Smart Outdoor Watch WSD-F10 will be launching March 25th at the high retail price of $500.

As a refresher, the WSD-F10 is super rugged smartwatch and features a bevy of sensors including air pressure and altitude, as well as a “dual layer” display that switches to monochrome for added battery savings. Only the most dedicated of outdoorsmen need apply.



michael kors android wear access smartwatches

Also launching a new line of fashion wearables designer Michael Kors. Their first Android Wear powered smartwatch line ever, the new line will be known Michael Kors Access and is oddly enough priced less than the Casio smartwatch. Starting at $400, it’s still up there in price, but it’s a level of refinement and luxury not seen too often in Android Wear devices.

The smartwatch line also features designs for both men and women, so you can grab a matching pair for both you and the Mrs. Unfortunately, we were only given a vague “Fall” release timing, but we’ll let you know when we hear more.

[The Verge]

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