Deal: Samsung 128GB EVO Class MicroSD card for $40


samsung galaxy s7 micro SD slot DSC01916

For a while it looked like microSD card slots in phones were going the way of the dinosaur. Thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S7, it looks like they are poised to make a comeback. Most smartphones support microSD cards up to 128GB. Cards of this size can be a bit pricey, especially the good ones. Amazon has a great deal on a quality microSD card right now.

Snag the 128GB Samsung EVO Class 10 microSD card right now fro just $40. This card usually goes from around $100 on Amazon. What goes better with a new Samsung phone than a Samsung MicroSD card? We’ve got a handy guide for expanding storage in the Galaxy S7 with a microSD card. If you take a lot of photos and videos, this is the best way to transfer them to other devices and keep more space on your phone for apps and games.

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