Feb 25th, 2016

AMP results

Google is a company that’s heavily invested in the web, especially the mobile web. Last fall they started taking steps to improve the mobile web with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), an open-source project to change how web pages are displayed. Google promised page loading times up to 4 times faster and to use 10 times less data. Earlier this week, Google started rolling out the fruits of their labor.

Here’s how AMP will change the way you search. When you search for something in Google, you’ll notice results labeled with “AMP” will appear underneath the “Top stories” section. The AMP results are displayed in a horizontal scrollable list. The real magic happens when you tap on one of the links. The page will load almost instantaneously, and you can swipe left-to-right through the different websites.

Right now, the AMP results are only displayed on the mobile version of Google. Soon you will see them in the Google app for Android. The great thing about the AMP project is it’s open source. Anyone can use it to AMP up their website. Head on over to Google.com on your phone and test it out for yourself.


[via Google Blog]

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