Feb 21st, 2016 publishUpdated   Feb 22nd, 2016, 12:10 pm


Samsung is pushing virtual reality really hard right now. They are trying to get VR in the hands of many people with the $99 Gear VR headset. The problem with VR is there’s not a ton of content. The tools to capture content for VR headsets are currently really expensive and bulky. Samsung is looking to fix that problem with the Gear 360.

The Gear 360 is a spherical device that consists of two cameras. It weighs only 153 grams and can fit in your pocket. The dual cameras can capture 30MP still images and 3840×1920 360-degree videos. All of that content can be stored on an SD card. Supported Samsung phones will be able to see live footage from the Gear 360 and do some basic editing.


Samsung says the Gear 360 will be available in select countries in Q2 of 2016. They did not announce pricing information, but if the Gear VR is any indication, it should be pretty affordable. Is this something you’d be interested in using? What price would make you buy the Gear 360?

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