Wide-angle camera comparison: LG G5 vs iPhone 6 vs Galaxy Note 5 [VIDEO]


One of the big features of the LG G5 (hands-on) is the dual cameras on the back. One is a traditional 16MP camera with a 78-degree angle lens, but the other is an 8MP camera with a 135-degree wide angle lens. You can easily switch to the wide-angle lens for those times when you need to get a wide shot. LG set up a demo to show just how well the wide-angle lens works.

In the demo above you can see the LG G5 in wide-angle mode vs the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Obviously, the LG G5 blows the other phones out of the water. It’s not really a fair comparison since the iPhone and Note don’t have wide-angle lens’, but it shows just how big of a difference it makes. You’ll be able to get some great shots with the wide-angle lens on the G5.

What do you think about a dedicated camera with a wide-angle lens? Is this something that you would use?

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