Samsung forces a llama to unbox the Galaxy S7 and paint what it saw [VIDEO]


Samsung’s ad campaigns are forces to be reckoned with and like every year, we can no doubt expect they’ll be spending big bucks to make sure the world knows all about their latest flagship smartphone: this year’s Samsung Galaxy S7.

Hyped on social media using the #TheNextGalaxy, they wont tell us exactly what it is, but we’ve seen enough from leaks and rumors that we’re pretty damn sure they’ll be unveiling 2 devices come Sunday, February 21st: a regular, smaller-sized Galaxy S7, and a larger-sized Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Again, if leaks and rumors have shown us anything, it’s that both of these devices will look largely similar to last year’s model, albeit with a few small changes.

To get the hype train rolling, Samsung Sweden is introducing a new ad campaign dubbed “Seven Days of Unboxing.” Kicking things off was their first video — which was uploaded yesterday — showing a child drawing an image of what he unboxed after spending a few seconds with the device. Check it out below.


In their next video (Day #2), we get to see a common household llama unboxing #TheNextGalaxy, only to later paint a picture of what it thinks it saw. The resulting image was little more than a jumbled mess of colors and whatnot. Then again, llama’s don’t know much about smartphones, so whether it attempted draw a portrait of an ex-lover or spell out the words “f*ck you,” we’ll never know. It’s a fun video and you can check it out below. Hopefully for Day #3 we can get someone more capable to throw us a bone.


[Samsung Sweden]

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