Google is officially shutting down Picasa, recommends moving to Google Photos for your uploading/sharing needs


Picasa shutting down

We all saw it coming and in a blog post today, Google Photos head Anil Sabharwal confirmed plans that they’ll soon be shutting down Picasa as they turn their focus to Google Photos (an online photo backup/sharing service that doesn’t suck). In fact, just by logging into Google Photos, you’ll find all your Picasa Web Albums and photos already waiting for you.

For those that don’t want to mess with Google Photos, Google says Picasa will remain up and running for those who’d like to view, download, or delete their Picasa Web Albums — but starting May 1st, they’ll begin removing the ability to actually create, organize or edit albums (this will all be available in Google Photos).

They also revealed that the Picasa desktop application will no longer be supported as of March 15th, 2016. It will still work, mind you, just don’t go expecting further updates. If something happens the app starts acting up, that’s it. Time to move on.


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