Feb 11th, 2016

Fabric screengrab fastlane

Building Android apps isn’t easy. Aside from having to code the apps themselves, developers have to go through all the trouble of screen capturing relevant parts of their apps, sometimes repeating the process in different languages in order to localize them for other countries. It can be tedious and it’s the reason why the “screengrab” was created.

Built by the folks at Fabric — a modular, cross-platform mobile development suite for app developers — screengrab is an open source tool that integrates with fastlane to automate the process of screenshotting. Since it runs directly from the command line, it makes it super easy for devs to take and upload screenshots in multiple languages to the Google Play Store.

According to the post on the Fabric blog, screengrab works great with teams in that it ensures there’s no duplicate work being done, and it’s easy enough that everyone can use it. To learn more, hit up the link down below.

[Fabric Blog]


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