Pick up a brand new Nexus 5X (16GB) for only $280 on eBay [DEALS]


ebay nexus 5x

It’s probably not as impressive as the $140 Nexus 5 deal we saw yesterday, but for those looking for something a little newer (but only moderately “better”), you can score a brand new LG-made Nexus 5X for $280 on eBay. That’s about a $20 savings from what you’ll find Google is asking for the phone on the Google Store, but money is money.

Only Carbon Black or Quartz White are the colors available and this is only for the 16GB model (something we’d urge you to steer clear from). The good news is the phone is unlocked and compatible with all carriers here in the states, so you don’t have to worry about that. The phone ships for free from New Jersey according to the listing, the seller — who has a 98% feedback rating — they’ve already sold a whopping 645. Someone out there is buying these up.

Buy on eBay: Nexus 5X (16GB)

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