Google renames RideWith to Waze Rider, something more could be brewing



Last summer, we told you about a new ride-sharing service from Google. The service was called RideWith by Waze. It launched exclusively in Israel, but we were able to get a good look at it. The app allows users to join up with people who make similar commutes. It looks like Google may be getting ready for a much wider release.

Earlier this month, Google filed for a trademark for “WAZERIDER.” If you do a simple Google search for “Waze Rider” you’ll find a listing in the Google Play Store. This is the same app that was previously named “RideWith.” You can actually still find the old listing by searching for “wazerider.” Google has rebranded it, which leads us to believe they are poised for a big release.

waze rider play store

Waze Rider is not an Uber or Lyft competitor, at least not right now. You fill out your profile with information about your commute. To get a ride, you simply send a request by sharing your pick-up and drop-off location, pick-up time, and an amount of money to pitch in. The app will connect you with fellow drivers who are already using the Waze app. Once a driver is selected, you can view their information and track their whereabouts while they come to pick you up.

Right now, the app is not compatible with any of our devices. It appears to still be locked to Israel, but the rebranding shows that Google is getting ready to do something. Is this a service you would use for your daily commute? Would you be comfortable with getting rides from random Wazers? Would you ever be willing to give rides to random Wazers?

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