New Google Maps update lets you manually add places to your timeline [DOWNLOAD]


google maps 9.20.0 update

A new version of Google Maps is heading out and if you’re wondering what’s new, Maps now lets users manually add locations to their Timeline. For those unaware, Timeline is a feature that displays various locations you visit along with photos you took while you were there. It’s a little creepy and although we’re not entirely sure why anyone would want to see that (unless you’re looking to track a cheating spouse), being able to manually add locations is useful if the app for whatever reason missed a spot. That, or if you’re looking to throw someone off your trail.

To find the feature, just open Google Maps and pull out the slide out menu and select Your timeline. From there, click the 3-dot overflow menu in the upper right hand corner and look for the new option to add a place. Easy peasy. You can either wait for the update to hit your device, or manually download/install the app via the link below.

Download on Google Play: Google Maps

Download on APKMirror: Google Maps 9.20.0 (arm64) (400-640dpi)


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