Verizon’s go90 video streaming app no longer counts against some data plans, raises Net Neutrality concerns


Although we typically wouldn’t dedicate an entire post to a small app update — especially when it involves go90, Verizon’s recent foray into the world of video streaming services — this one was a bit of a curve ball.

Along with improving the quality and performance of video streams in their new update (version 1.4), Verizon’s go90 app officially no longer counts against data plans for Verizon post-paid customers. Keep in mind this does not apply to pre-paid customers, only post-paid, something we’re sure will confuse folks somewhere down the line.

If nothing else, Verizon’s treatment of go90 is borderline in violation of Net Neutrality — giving the app preferential treatment that other apps and services don’t — and isn’t too different from the way T-Mobile has been offering zero-rated data services to their customers. This is something that landed T-Mobile, Comcast, and AT&T in hot water with the FCC back in December, and we’re sure will soon include Verizon as well.

Chris Chavez
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