Verizon gives prepaid customers even bigger data bucket to stream, snap, and download whatever they like


The recent trend of carriers offering larger data buckets is a major win for consumers as far as we’re concerned. In an attempt to compete with T-Mobile — who’s consistently been turning flipping the script when it comes to wireless data — is Verizon of all carriers. In a post today, Big Red announced changes headed to the prepaid customers and it comes by way of a bump in data at no extra cost. Free is good.

Now, anyone signing up for a prepaid Verizon plan — and activating a smartphone — will get 2GB of data for $45 a month, or 5GB for $60. This almost double the amount of data previously offered, up the previous 1GB and 3GB plans at the same price. What’s more is Verizon is throwing in another 1GB of data for anyone who signs up with Auto Pay, taking those numbers to 3GB and 6GB. Nice.

Verizon reminds us that their prepaid plans include unlimited talk and text messaging in the US, texting to Canada or Mexico, and comes with no annual contracts or credit checks. If you’re looking to sign up or learn more, check out their website at:

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