Google updates Chrome’s Safe Browsing protection, now warns users when visiting websites with fake buttons


Google Warning Safe Browsing

Let’s not beat around the bush. Ads — although a necessary evil to keep sites like this up and running — can be plenty annoying in their own right. But it’s only when you have purposefully deceitful ads that try and trick users into clicking them (whether it’s outside content made to look like it came from the site), that you really cross the line.

Google feels the same way and in an update to the Safe Browsing protection offered in Chrome, they’ll now alert users when a website they’re visiting features deceptive ads that look like fake install or download buttons coming from a trusted entity. Typically you’d find these on file sharing sites, asking to install some kind of video player or even download buttons on top of download buttons, taking you to some sketchy 3rd party. Not only are these annoying, they can be dangerous, especially if you’re looking for pirated Android apps or games.

In either case, you can expect to see a warning message like the one above wherever these sorts of ads are common and its yet another way Google is expanding their Safe Browsing protection to keep users safe online.


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