New Snapchat features discovered, including voice notes and video calls


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Love it or hate it, Snapchat is one of the most popular mobile apps around. They’ve added quite a few features over the years. What started as a simple way to send disposable photos has turned into much more. The folks behind an Xposed module called Snapprefs may have discovered a few big upcoming Snapchat features while digging around the code.

Snapprefs is a module that offers a bunch of enhanced features for Snapchat. Every time the official Snapchat app is updated they have to work to make Snapprefs compatible. While going through the code of the latest Snapchat update, a few members of the community noticed some interesting mentions of video and audio calls, and something called “Audio Notes.”

Audio Notes could be really interesting. It’s already possible to send your voice to someone with a video snap, but this could be a quick way to send an audio snippet. Maybe Snapchat is trying to re-invent the walkie talkie. Snapchat also already does video calls, but you can’t call someone in the traditional sense. The code has mentions of “incoming_video” and “stream_audio.” It certainly seems like Snapchat is about to get some big new features.

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