Google officially announces a brand new look for weather search results


A couple of weeks ago, we wrote about a brand new design for weather search results in Google. It was showing up for a few people, but nothing had been made official. Today, Google has finally announced the new design, as well as a host of new features for weather information.

The most drastic change is the overall look. The simple black text over a white background with colored icons has been replaced with full-screen art. The background color reflects the current conditions, and there’s a green frog-like creature hanging out in the bottom of the display. The new design is the most noticeable change, but Google has added a ton of new information to the results as well.

weather_flow_360 (1)

You can now see hourly sky conditions, the chance of rain, severe weather alerts, 10-day forecast, air quality, UV index, and sunrise and sunset times. All of this powerful information puts the Google app up against some of the best weather apps in the Play Store. Previously, it was a simple way to see the weather at a glance, but now you can dive into more detailed forecasts.

Note: the new design does not show up in the Google Now cards. You can see the new design by tapping on a Google Now weather card, or by doing a weather-related Google search.

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