MetroPCS attacks Sprint by pledging to cut bills in half for people who switch



When carriers fight, customers win. The latest battle is between MetroPCS (a subsidiary of T-Mobile) and Sprint. MetroPCS is offering to cut your Sprint bill in half if you switch to their network. If you switch from Sprint, you’ll get two lines with 2GB of LTE data for $50 a month. That also includes unlimited sub-4G data, talk, and text.

MetroPCS is also offering a free phone if you switch after January 21st. The selection of phones is not great: LG Neon, LG K7, Samsung Core Prime, and Kyocera Hydro WAVE. The 50% savings is based on Sprint’s Family Share Pack pricing, so not everyone will save quite as much. It’s still a great incentive if you’ve been wanting to switch from Sprint to MetroPCS.

Sprint is the network that everyone loves to hate, but in some areas it’s still really good, and the pricing is great. T-Mobile’s network, which powers MetroPCS, has also improved a lot over the years. Do you use Sprint or MetroPCS? How do you like the coverage?

[via Metropcs]

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