An Iron Maiden RPG is coming to Android this summer



One of the greatest heavy metal bands of all time is getting its own game. If Kim Kardashian can have her own game, why can’t a great band like Iron Maiden? The game is Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, and it’s made by the folks behind Warhammer 40,000 Carnage. Legacy of the Beast is slated to launch this summer on Android and iOS.

Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Best will be a free-to-play role-playing game. You’ll play as Eddie, the Iron Maiden mascot. The story is about a mysterious force that has shattered Eddie’s soul. Your job will be to travel through time and space to collect the pieces. During your travels, you’ll run across a cast of monsters and characters. The soundtrack will be comprised of Iron Maiden’s biggest hits and some unheard live recordings.

Learn more about this game at the official website. What do you think of an Iron Maiden game? In the meantime, run to the hills.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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