Jan 16th, 2016

We’re not exactly sure what to call “Google X” any more. Since the company restructured and renamed themselves Alphabet, they also slashed the “Google” branding from their “Google X” division- the super secret division working on moonshot projects capable of completely changing the world. You know, things like self-driving cars.

Now called just “X” and rebranded with a beautiful new logo, Google isn’t stopping at polishing the surface of X. Their latest move is an entirely new division: Robotics.


In the wake of Andy Rubin’s departure in 2014, a weird collection of acquired companies was left behind. Companies that lacked focus and lost morale, according to the New York Times. Now Google is piecing them together into a newly created Robotics division within X, to better organize and integrate such promising companies as Boston Dynamics.

Yeah, Boston Dynamics… remember them? It’s the robotics company that had everyone freaking out for a blip on the Internet’s timeline.

With a renewed focus and dedication to robotics in X, we’re hoping to see some amazing things we can all freak out over. Hopefully that will be as soon as Google IO 2016, which perhaps not coincidentally, is being located outdoors for the first time ever.

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