Jan 16th, 2016

The Google acquisition of Motorola seems like ancient times, but the fallout from that deal continues today. Originally spotted by IAM and published by Fortune, the 18-page document embedded below is a Patent Sale Offering put together by Red Chalk Group for the sale of 200+ patents that Google acquired from Motorola through the buyout. At least 138 of those patents are battery related.

As fate would have it, Google would flip Motorola, selling the company to Lenovo but retaining many of the intellectual property assets. That landed them in some hot water by way of litigation, so it seems now they’re parting with all non-essential assets.

The collections has 5 featured patents related to:

  • Charging
  • Chemistry
  • Battery Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Hybrid Battery

Given the importance of patents in the current competitive landscape, I can’t help but assume none of these patents contain game changers. For a more detailed explanation, check out the original article on Fortune.

Got a few billion dollars? Maybe you can buy the patents with Android Pay and get a free Chromecast.

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