Deal: Play mobile games in NES style with this Bluetooth controller


NES30 Pro

Modern gaming consoles are amazing. They have HD graphics, powerful processors, high-tech sensors, and they can play incredibly immersive games. Still, there is something special about dusting off the old Nintendo and playing some classic games. Not everyone still has an original NES lying around, but with the NES30 Pro controller you can get the same feel while playing mobile games.

AndroidArea has a deal that will surely give you a touch of nostalgia. The NES30 Pro is Bluetooth spin-off of the original Nintendo Entertainment System controller. It has the same colors and style, but more buttons, two joysticks, and a more ergonomic shape for modern gaming. It’s everything you remember from the NES controller, but it can be used with your phone.

The NES30 Pro is compatible with Android (including rooted devices), iOS, Mac, and Windows. It can connect via Bluetooth or with the NES-style USB cable. Included with the controller is a 30th-anniversary keychain. For just $37 you’ll be able to play all your modern mobile games and emulators with the comfortable grip of an old friend. Grab this sweet deal before it ends in the next two days!

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