Despite rumors, Apple says they’re not working on an iOS-to-Android app


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In what could only be described as a very un-Apple move, The Telegraph published a report over the weekend stating that Apple would soon release an app to make transferring data from an iOS device to Android simple and easy. Not something we’d imagine they’d do on their own accord, this was allegedly due to pressure Apple was receiving from carriers urging them to create an iOS-to-Android app similar to the Android-to-iOS app they recently released on the Google Play Store, the one that made it easier for Android users to export pictures, SMS messages, and other user data to a new iPhone.

According to the report, major telecoms in Europe were concerned that because of the hassles involved with transferring data from one platform to another, this could be the reason why so few users every move away from the iPhone, instead finding themselves locked into the ecosystem Apple had created. You can see how this wouldn’t be fair for Apple users looking to upgrade to the latest Android devices.

Despite the report stating that hell hath frozen over and Apple (reluctantly) agreed to comply, an Apple spokesperson has publicly released a statement denying these rumors. Here’s the full statement provided to BuzzFeed News:

“There is no truth to this rumor. We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.”

There you have it. Hell is just as hot as ever.

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