Jan 3rd, 2016

The Google Play Store has been criticized plenty for it’s lack of discoverability. Considering there are literally millions of apps and games, it’s hard to blame Google (that’s exactly why we made our list of 100 Best Android Apps).

One of the top complaints has been that lists for the Top Paid Apps and Top Free Apps also include games, which means people who never play games are overwhelmed with useless listings for the likes of Minecraft and Goat Simulator. It appears that this has been fixed: an unlisted URL on the Play Store now shows the Top Android Apps with all games filtered out.

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 2.13.16 PM

We can only assume that Google is testing the feature privately with plans to make it public, but until they do, you may want to bookmark those links. Here are all the links for your viewing pleasure.

Here is the full URL for your reference:

You can also download an app – simply called “Apps – Play Store Link” by Jeffrey Sera – that launches the NO GAMES version of the Play Store with a simple icon on your device’s homescreen

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