Google reportedly working on a new messaging app with chatbots that respond to your questions


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The 25th is still a few days away, but it’s already feeling a bit like Christmas morning. Or rather, it will, if this latest rumor from the The Wall Street Journal pans out. According to The Journal, Google is preparing to launch another completely new “smart” messaging app, one can finally stand toe-to-toe against rivals like Facebook Messenger.

The messaging app will reportedly leverage the power of Google’s artificial intelligence technology with new chat-bots users can message like a real person to grab helpful information from around the web. Users can ask questions in relation to the weather, news, or images and a chatbot will respond accordingly. Adding fuel to the rumor was Google’s failed attempt at acquiring 200 Labs Inc., a startup that builds chatbots for Telegram, another popular messaging application.

If Google’s new messaging service hopes to stand a chance, we can’t see it succeeding without it being tied into the core Android OS. Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp have already accumulated billions of users around the world. The only way for a new messaging service to make headway is if users know their friends and family are already using it. Last time we checked, there were a few dozen Android handsets out there in the world.

Recently we heard that Google was already looking to remove carrier (SIM) messaging from Hangouts which could make even more sense if they’re going to end up scrapping the entire thing (or perhaps keep it around for video conferencing). While there’s no word on when Google is looking to launch their new messaging service, we’re hoping this finally spells the end for Hangouts which is generally loathed in Android circles.

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