Is the BlackBerry PRIV a secret success? Walmart sells out in less than a day


BlackBerry PRIV intro video

The BlackBerry PRIV was a highly anticipated Android device, but after it launched the buzz quickly died down. Everyone is wondering if the phone is selling, or if hardware keyboards are truly a thing of the past. If recent Walmart sales are any indication, the PRIV is selling just fine.

Previously, the PRIV was sold through AT&T and Amazon.com. When it was reported that Walmart would sell the device, BlackBerry stock quickly gained 11%. The device then seemingly sold out in less than 24 hours. Today, the PRIV is back in stock at Walmart.com for $699. The short restocking time makes us wonder if the phone ever truly “sold out,” or if Walmart was just given a small supply to start with. Claiming that your device “sold out” can create excitement.

All will soon be revealed when BlackBerry announces company reports on December 18th. Do you think the PRIV has been a success so far? Have you seen anyone with the phone?

[via Bloomberg]

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