Check your email: Samsung is sending $50 e-gift cards if you activated Samsung Pay during promo period



After promising to give Galaxy users a $50 e-gift card from Best Buy if they activated Samsung Pay, it seems Samsung is finally ready to pay out. Those of you wondering when your e-gift card would finally arrive should probably dig through your email inbox. Our special e-gift card code arrived only a few minutes ago, although it’s entirely possible yours was sent out sooner than that if you acted fast enough.

To help kick start their budding mobile payments service, Samsung was offering anyone and everyone with a compatible Galaxy device (2015 flagships like the Galaxy S6/Edge, Edge Plus, and Galaxy Note 5) actual money through Best Buy. Before that, they had a similar promo but instead of money, it was one of their wireless chargers. We can’t help but feel like anyone who signed up then is kicking themselves about now.

More recently, Samsung added 8 new banks and card issuers to Samsung Pay, so there’s a good enough chance yours is supported. Using MST technology, Samsung Pay is compatible with most magnetic card readers, so you don’t even need a tap-to-pay terminal to pay using your phone. Pretty sweet.

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