Samsung begins sending CES 2016 press invites, what will they announce?


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We’re still digesting all the great Android devices introduced this year and already 2016 looms near. Kicking off the new batch of Android launching next year is the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Sure, there are never too many huge new announces (that’s typically reserved for Mobile World Congress), but we’re sure to see a new crop of Androids pop up from their respective OEMs.

Manufacturers like Samsung and LG use CES to announce, not only new mobile devices, but washers/dryers and other consumer electronic devices during their big keynotes. In fact, Samsung has already begun sending out invites to their event kicking off Tuesday, January 5th.

Samsung CES 2016 invite

We know. There were rumors floating around that Samsung would announce/launch the Samsung Galaxy S7 earlier than usual, which could lead some to assume there might be a CES 2016 unveiling — but we wouldn’t get our hopes up. We’re thinking Samsung will still save their big 2016 flagship for a MWC announcement (or a few days before), but they finally worked out the logistics behind getting it to market sooner than a month after announcement.

So, if not the Galaxy S7, what will Samsung be showing off during the event? We have a feeling we could see the Samsung Galaxy A9 (not to be confused with the HTC One A9), their premium yet still sort of mid-range offering that was rumored for an early December launch.

Rumored Galaxy A9 specs include a 5.5-inch 1080p AMOLED display, Snapdragon 620 processor, 3GB of RAM, 32GB storage with micro SD card slot, and the A line’s usual metal unibody exterior. It’s sure to be a looker (we love the look of Samsung’s A series), so if we do see a CES announcement, expect us to get our hands all over it.

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