Dec 7th, 2015

new Android emoji update

While it’s sure to include a variety of bug fixes, we’re just going to call Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow — rolling out soon to Nexus devices — Android’s big “emoji update.” Although the rollout has started quite yet, as promised, Google did release the factory images onto their developer page in case anyone wants to flash them manually.

Not only does the update bring all new emoij to Android like the taco, middle finger, unicorn and a few other emotions, Google also redesigned a few old favorites as well. The infamous poop emoji now has an actual face and less stink to it, while others like “hands in the air” emoji are now represented by hands-only. This should help avoid confusion when communicating to others, regardless of their platform.

Other updates include “Until the next alarm” option when activating “Do not disturb,” new navigation button placement for tablets (back and home on the left, overview on the right), as well as December’s security updates.

For all those that own devices other than Nexus, it could take some time before you see it approved/rolling out on the carrier branded devices. Given that it’s such a small update (although not really all that urgent), we’re hoping that the new 0.1 release will hit everyone quicker than usual.

[Nexus factory images]

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