Waze now lets you navigate using C-3PO’s voice from Star Wars [ICYMI]


Waze Star Wars hero

With all the Black Friday deals clogging up the feeds, you might have missed a fun little update to the Google’s Waze navigation app. We actually briefly mentioned it during Google’s big Star Wars promo (where some of their apps and services would be themed based on your Light/Dark Side preference), but didn’t go into much detail. Well, none actually. For those that missed it, Waze added the ability to choose C-3PO as your voice guide during navigation and it’s kind of awesome.

Waze C-3PO update

What’s more is some of Waze’s “Road Goodies” (a reward system where drivers can rack up points) are also taking the form of Star Wars characters and items. Everything from light sabers to TIE fighters can be found on the map, with iconic Droids like R2-D2 or newcomer BB-8 joining the mix for bonus points. To enable it, simply go into Settings > Sound > Navigation guidance > Star Wars. That’s it, C-3PO wont read off street names, but he’ll give some generic directions (like turn left, right, “in 500ft”, etc.)

We know. We’re reaching dangerous levels of over-saturation when it comes to Star Wars’ marketing machine, but we can’t seem to get enough (yet). Check out the new Star Wars goodies available right now in the Waze app on Android and iOS.

Download on Google Play: Waze

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